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Share data between websites: the cache_remote_file tag

This plugin tag reads content from the source website and caches it for a adjustable time. When that time has elapsed, it checks if the source content is available. If so...

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How to install CMSMS 2.x with the Installation Assistant

CMS Made Simple 2.0 and above is shipped with a useful PHAR Installation Assistant. This tutorial video will show you how to use it to install your CMSMS website!

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Setting up Pretty URL in CMS Made Simple

By default CMS Made Simple creates a "technical" URL. It is functional, but it lacks aesthetic value. Pretty, or Search Engine Friendly URL is a...

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CMS Made Simple Admin password recovery

Oops, you forgot your CMS Made Simple™ Admin credentials... Now what? This video tutorial shows you how to reset them.

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Setting up SSL in CMS Made Simple

Let's Encrypt SSL provides free SSL certificates, when your host provides popular control panels like cPanel or Plesk the installation for CMS Made Simple™ is very easy.

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