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Additional Front End Users module features

A few extra's that help you using the Front End Users module in CMS Made Simple™.

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Front End Users one field login form

To enter a protected area at your website using the FEU module you need a login name and password. Sometimes it is more convenient to have just one field.

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Setting up Front End Users module

A guide helping you to set up the Front End Users module in CMS Made Simple™ to easily protect the content of your pages.

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Use module template output in multiple content blocks

How to use generated module content at different spots in your page lay-out. Gotta love Smarty.

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Base CMS Made Simple page template with automated metatags

How to build a CMSMS page template and show the news/blog title as the page title, get the correct canonical value for module detail pages, pass a correct image to social media websites, etc...

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